Our Halloween Special is going on now!

Our Halloween Special is going on now!




Our Halloween special is going on now!


Get your home scary clean for $95 main level.

Perfect for your holiday parties!!!

*Minimum 1,5 hour for a team of two- Maximum 2,5 hours for a team of 2.



We clean your neighbor’s house while they  enjoy their life.


Since 1995 My Cleaning Lady provide affordable house cleaning services for houses, offices, town houses, apartments and other living, work and entertainment areas. 

Please call us at 973 340 9090 to schedule your house cleaning appointment

and ask for

                                                  Our  Halloween Special!!



 Here are some scary good  Halloween Cleaning tips.

Chocolate smeared on your couch

Chocolate has to be taken care of immediately.Ice it to harden the chocolate and scrape the candy off until only color is left. Mix ½ tsp. Pinol® Laundry Detergent into ½ cup warm water and blot onto the stain without saturating the fabric. Let it sit for two minutes before patting it dry. Then blot a solution of 1 tbsp. ammonia in ½ cup warm water into the spot and pat dry, repeating as necessary.

Gum stuck to the chair cushion

 Wrap a piece of ice in a towel and hold it against the gum to harden it. Scrape it off with a butter knife, then dilute ¼ cup of Pinalen® multi-purpose cleaner in one gallon of water to spot treat the cushion.


*Minimum 1,5 hour for a team of two- Maximum 2,5 hours for a team of 2. Additional service  time  ( more than 2,5 hours) will be charged per hour – $28 per person/per hour
 Offer expires 11/03/2013.

This offer cannot be combine with any other special or promotion. 


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