Quick and easy cleaning tips.

 Quick and easy cleaning tips.

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Many of our customers have been asking us -“what should I do to keep the house clean between appointments”?

Here are few simple rules to follow.



Your kitchen needs a general cleaning every night after supper. Put away all uneaten food, in plastic containers, or otherwise store. Wipe down the countertops, stove and sink. Vacuum and map the floor.


Bathrooms can get pretty nasty if they have not been cleaned regularly.Squirt some cleaner to remove soap scum around the tub and /or shower  s soon as you are done showering.Rinse all the areas carefully with hot water. Squirt some cleanser in the toilet bowl.Use toilet brush. Flush and rinse with clean water. Clean the mirror with vinegar and warm water. Wipe down the sink.


There is no easy way about this one –  vacuum and mop your floors. It has to be done 🙂


Once you are done,  you will be amazed to discover how much a clean home positively affects your mood and those in your family.

Quick and easy cleaning tips.


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