Cleaning Your Laundry Room


Cleaning Your Laundry Room

Q: What did the first sock say to the second sock in the dryer?

A: I’ll see you this next time around


Cleaning Your Laundry Room

Clean laundry should come from a clean laundry room.



Clean dryer screens and vents.

Cleaning dryer vents inside and outside will help your clothes dry faster and prevent fires. Dryer screens should be cleaned after every load. Once every few months, check outdoor vents to make sure they are not blocked.

Drying Bar or Clothesline

Every laundry room needs a drying bar or clothesline to hang dripping or damp garments. Placement should not be over anything that can trap moisture.

Trash cans and plastic bins.

Keep a trash can in the laundry room for lint and other debris. Pocket items are kept for one month then discarded. Another plastic bin or basket holds odd socks. Once per month these are matched up or placed in the rag bag for dusting.

Ironing board

If using a freestanding board, plan for storage for both the board and the iron.Whether you have a built-in ironing board or use a folding one, you should plan to leave adequate space to move around it when it is open.

Vacuum and map your floor daily.

After you mop and scrub a floor, you have to post guards to keep pets, children, and significant others from ruining your hard work. :))

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